Why Farmers are Switching to Flex End Flex Fold Western Australia

In the last couple of years, Australia has seen a great improvement in the quality of products used for irrigation. Designed for superior performance and longevity, Flex End Flex Fold Western Australia has taken the industry by storm. This latest innovation is sure to help farmers a lot of money, effort, and time.

Problems with water distribution tools are quite common in irrigation. But with cutting edge innovation now can help to extend the life of the tools.

What are Flexends & Flexfolds?

Flex End Flex Fold Western Australia and around the country are used as hose extensions; they can expertly prevent blockages, splits and cracks in hoses and extend their lifespan. These have been developed keeping flexibility and in mind. Made using mulled plastic, these have been specifically made to place wear and tear prone sections of seeding machines. Flexfollds and flexends can take a lot of punishment which makes sure they remain undamaged and provide optimal performance through the entire process.

FLEXFOLD is new to the market but it’s already receiving rave reviews. It’s easy to install and is used to replace the kinked or worn out sections of the primary supply hose on a seeding bar. The product was specifically designed and developed due to the frustration of wearing out rubber and/or PVC hoses on the bends and the pivot points during seeding. The folding and unfolding of the wings cause the hoses to kink, making it an immediate wear point that cannot be fixed.

Uses of Flex End Flex Fold Western Australia

These fittings can also be used to join stainless steel tube and as a vibration reduction system, just like the popular flexends. 

Like the flexend, flexfoldalso protects against wear and tear. As all farmers know, the air seeder is subjected to a lot of vibration during seeding. The spreader head or the boot typically bear the brunt of it but – as both of these are firmly fixed – the hoses take all of the impact, which causes them to crack and kink over time, especially in the sun.

This leads to blocked hoses and unseeded or unfertilized rows. This can result in lost seed or fertilizer, along with both time and money when you can afford it least.

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