What is Plastic Injection Moulding?

Plastic objects created through injection mouldings are used extensively in our day to day life. From wheelie bins, car bumpers to syringes, electrical switches and keyboard buttons. Injection moulding is extremely versatile as the process means you can create something of any size or shape. Approximately 30% of all plastic products are manufactured using an injection moulding process. The metal injection moulding process is like the plastic process and can produce similar shapes.

What are the Benefits of Plastic Injection Moulding?

Plastic Injection moulding enables you to create a product where the shape and size is consistent. This process is widely used for rapid production of identical parts which meet exact requirements.

The injection moulds are subjected to high pressure which means the plastic is pressed hard within the mould so the process is ideal for complex shapes. Computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing means the moulds can be very precise and detailed.

The moulding process is quick compared to other methods. Because of the swift turnaround, injection moulding is deemed extremely cost effective. The process is performed by machines, so labour costs are kept to a minimum.

What is Austraplas Doing to Reduce the Environmental Impact of the Process?

Scrap and production waste produced at our plant is collected by recycling companies for processing into other products. We also carry out some recycling in house so you can rest assured that we’re doing all can to leave an eco-friendly footprint.

What is the Process for Injection Moulding?

One of the most essential elements of the process is to design the product so it is suitable for plastic injection moulding. Our team at Austraplas offers a design service to ensure that your prototype matches your requirements, is functional and can be mass produced using this manufacturing process.

Once you have your product idea, we can create some 3D print samples to know whether it will work or not. 3D printing is typically used to create a prototype of a model to get the form or function of the item before going to production. The 3D printing machines we use will produce the item so you can see how the item will look and feel and establish whether its fit for purpose.

If you're happy with your prototypes, it's time to design the mould. The moulds are very detailed and require special computer programs to design and cut the specialty mould steel.

This is the time to work out your required amount of product per month/year and then we can advise you of the cavities we need put in the mould to maximise your output and minimise your costs.

The time it takes to create the mould will vary on how intricate it is and the number of cavities. Once its complete, we will manufacture some samples to ensure no modifications are needed ahead of a mass production. After that, it's time to go to production and to decide the quantities you require.

Austraplas has been established for more than twenty years and provides a quality plastic injection moulding service in Perth. We have a broad range of clients and many return to use our services time and time again. Why not give our team a ring today to find out how they can help you with both the design and manufacture of your product?

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