Universal Hanger | Underground Cable Management | Residential Storage


  • Safely keep leads, cables and hoses off the ground
  • Non conductive safety yellow
  • Hooks objects up to 60mm wide
  • Made from a durable, flexible plastic material
  • Large anchor head to suit various situations
  • Reduce risk of injury


  • Construction sites
  • Workshops
  • Minesites
  • Garages
  • Fencelines


Garage Cables

Design and support

As part of our commitment to local innovation and manufacturing Austraplas invites you to bring in your ideas and designs and we will assist you with our full support and expertise in the development of your product. We also can help meet design and pricing objectives, while you can be assured of 100% security and confidentiality.

At last a Western Australian based plastics manufacturer with the expertise and resources to deliver your complete extrusion, rotational molding or injection molding solutions!

Design and Patent

Design and Patent



Packacking , Assembly , Delivery

Packaging and Assembly

Environmental / Recyling

In-house Recycling