Injection Moulding: Choosing the Right Plastic Manufacturer

Choosing the Right One?

We live in a world surrounded by plastic, from household utensils to outdoor games, motor vehicles, toys and packaging. It's virtually impossible to find a house or product which is devoid of plastic. Industries are using plastic more than ever before, that's why it's essential to find a reliable plastic manufacturer to provide your quality products at affordable prices.

When selecting a plastic manufacturer, ensure that it can meet your requirements whether you are after smaller batches to bulk loads. Investigate its customer support and service. Look to see if the company offers a more personal touch advising on individual production and clarify turnaround times.

Investigate Methods and Processes

The plastics manufacturing industry has changed dramatically over the past thirty years and a variety of moulding techniques exist to suit specific requirements.

Plastic injection moulding is a traditional, common method which involves injecting plastic into a mould to create new plastic parts and components and is a system which is very versatile. Plastic granules are heated and 'injected' under pressure into metal moulds which harden into a designated shape.

Extrusion moulding is the best choice for manufacturing rigid and flexible pipes or other durable profiles used in industries such as mining, agriculture, building and medical. Heated plastic is forced through a die under pressure to create products such as piping, seals and hoses.

Plastic rotational moulding is ideal for larger items, including a vast range of tanks, boats etc. Plastic powder or liquid resin is put into a hollow shell mould which is heated rotated and rocked so that the plastic inside melts and coats the outside of the mould cavity. The rotation continues as it cools and its desired shape solidifies

Size of Manufacturing Facility

When looking for a plastic manufacturer look at team numbers on site and the level of expertise which exists. As technology evolves so should production plants. Don't be scared to ask about the latest processes and methods. Always check to see if staff will be willing to talk about improving your product.

Order Sizes and Production

Some plastic manufacturers deal with bulk orders and shipments while others may focus on smaller orders of custom designed specific plastic components. Select a company depending on your requirements.

Final Selection

When reaching a decision, try to think of the bigger picture and the end results. How convenient is the manufacturing facility to your base?

Look at the pros and cons of having a base locally or somewhere overseas. A manufacturer close by will mean you have a local point of contact, but overseas may be cheaper but involve higher transport costs. Australia's harsh climate requires additives to products to ensure longevity - this may be hard to convey to overseas suppliers.

Check the type of plastic used and the plastics they are accustomed to processing. If you need the items subsequently packaged, so they are ready to be sold, check that your manufacturers offer this service. Look at their after-care service, if the quality is sub-standard will the manufacturer take it back or supply fresh stock? Remember to check out reviews as this is a great insight into the way a company is run.

Austraplas is a plastic manufacturer in Perth and has been established since 1995. Locally based in Cockburn Central, the company offers a highly competitive service in a custom designed plant. Latest technology will ensure your plastic product is manufactured to perfecting standards. To find out more call one of the team now.

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